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Fully Loaded Luxury  Soap Sponge

Fully Loaded Luxury Soap Sponge

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A luxury soap filled sponge, perfect for either shower or bath. Pamper yourself with a fully loaded sponge in your favourite scents. 


Just run under warm water and lather up. 

Once the soap had been used, feel free to use your sponge as normal! 

Store out of water when not using. 


*Colours will vary* 

Hand made in the UK - 100%



Disclamer: Some of our fragrance oils are similar to and mistaken for well known high end scents. We are in no way affiliated with these fragrance companies 



  • soap sponge

    soap sponge - use drop down menu for scents.

    All ingredients and allergens on the labels. 

    SLS and SLSA free! 

    These sponges weight approx 150g 

    These sponges come pre-soaked with fragranced soap in a range of fabulous fragrances, many of which are similar in style and type to scents you know and love. 


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