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Luxury Snapbars

Luxury Snapbars

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Disclaimer: Some of our fragrance oils are similar to and mistaken for well known high end scents. We are in no way affiliated with these fragrance companies. Some of our snap bars simply smell similar. Bars may differ slightly in appearance as each individual product has been hand poured with love.


WARNING : Do not leave your wax melt burner unattended. Keep well way from children and animals. Do not overload your burners.


50g Soy Wax Bar 

  • snapbars

    Snap bars - use the drop-down menu to select your scent. 

    Approx 50g 

    Hand-poured, highly fragranced for long - lasting scents!

    • 100% Handmade 
    • High Quality Fragrance oils 
    • Vegan friendly 
    • Cruelty Free 
    • Long Lasting 
    • Perfectly balanced between strong scent without being overpowering 
    • Max fragrance load 



    • In no way affiliated with any real product, some fragrance oils are dupes and simply smell similar to the be=randed product. 
    • No products are tested on animals. 
    • Biodegradable glitter and recycled or recyclable packing 

    Vegan friendly 



    All allergens listed on CLP information lable and available on request 

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