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pack of 2 leaves

pack of 2 leaves

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  • leaves

    leaves  - use the drop-down menu to select your scent. 

    Hand-poured, highly fragranced for long-lasting scents!


    • 100% Handmade 
    • High Quality Fragrance Oils 
    • Vegan Friendly 
    • Cruelty Free 
    • Long Lasting 
    • Perectly balanced between strong scent without being overpowering 
    • Max Fragrance load 



    • In no way affiliated with and real product, some fragrance oils are dupes and simply similar to the branded product. 
    • No products are tested on animals 
    • Biodegradable glittler and recycled or recyclable packaging 
    • Vegan friendly 



    All allergens listed on CLP information label and available on request 

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